Engravings crafted using a number of different techniques, etchings, bookplates, personalised ex libris... welcome to my universe where each and every creation is unique and original..

Reading well is one of the great pleasures that solitude can afford you, because, at least from my own personal experience, it is the pleasure which allows us the greatest scope for healing. Harold Bloom

Books are the symbol of the universe. Federico Revilla

ex libris

ex libris

An ex libris is a graphic representation. Its main characteristic is that of depicting the ownership of a book.

llibre d'artista

bookplate Art

Bookplate art offers great freedom of expression and crafting, as it allows us to investigate and to shun conventional shapes and structures.



Engraving may be defined as the art of creating or engraving a matrix, (made of wood, metal or plastic) so as to be able to reproduce and print it.



Be original and treat yourself to an ex libris, an original and personalised present for both book lovers and reading fans.